About Us #1 Auto Parts

Purchasing auto parts can be vastly expensive and cause you great grief, but it does not have to be. Take a tip from your friends at #1 Auto Parts who have decades of car salvaging experience.

We got our start way back in the 1920s when a hard-working man with a community service mentality, started with a gas station and offered auto recycling on the side. Over time, the family contributed and grew the auto salvage company into what it is now—Rochester’s largest auto salvage yard with 3 locations.

You can be certain that if you buy used parts from us you will save time, energy and money.

We offer customers used auto parts that are in excellent condition at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for new parts.

As our mission states: we aim to offer the people of Rochester, and surrounding areas, with viable auto part options that will easily save them hundreds of dollars on repairs. If your car is not brand new anymore, why does it need a brand new, overpriced part? A gently used part is just as good.

Our affiliation with Northside Salvage Yard and J and J Auto allows us to offer a high quality, wide selection of used parts to the community for literally pennies on the dollar. You do not have to spend a fortune to get the parts that you need.

Why Buy Used?

A majority of used auto parts you purchase will not negatively affect the performance of your vehicle. In fact, many recent model cars that the insurance company has marked as “totaled” still have perfectly working parts. Vehicles can be labeled totaled due to frame damage or body damage while the main components of the vehicle are still in great condition!

How Do We Acquire Used Parts?

Quality, used parts typically come from cars and trucks with only minor body issues or mechanical flaws in only one part of the machine. All the rest of the vehicle’s parts remain usable and salvageable. Our expert team is trained to recognize and claim the good parts of a vehicle so that nothing is wasted.

We have access to parts for older models and newer models alike. Come to us and get your parts for cars, SUV’s, and pick-ups; we have parts for just about anything motorized and with wheels.

Buying used just makes more economical sense. Today, saving money has taken on a whole new meaning. Buying used is the both strategic and beneficial.

When you can get a used part for hundreds of dollars less and it works like new, why wouldn’t you.

Help the environment by recycling used parts while you help yourself save the cash in your pocket.